Egret Planter Box

A quick post about things that matter most.
In January of this year the Director of the Center of Visual Performing Arts came to me and asked if the shop could build about 70 boxes to help the Cancer Resource Center, which is right next door to our theater and part of our Community Foundation. These planter boxes were made to fit a plastic liner from Home Depot, and would then be planted and decorated in order to raise funds for the Cancer Resource Center. The shop took some time – actually almost two days cut all the pieces to fit marked them and then we assembled them with volunteers from the Cancer Resource Center. It was an excellent example of group involvement.

Mylinda and I collaborated on a box which I built and carved birds for and then she planted. 
All of the other boxes below were created by various artists and then planted and auctioned off as well. The garden is a beautiful place to simply sit and appreciate nature and think.
Please, if you have a skill that you feel is worthy of community involvement, using it to help is one of the most rewarding things that you’re able to do. Working behind the scenes is extremely rewarding. Your name may not be known, but your contribution will go a long way.

Initial Construction
Staining and applying bark on back porch
Finished Planting ready for auction
Idyllic setting of the Cancer Resource Center

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