Hammond Academy for the Performing Arts: Cinderella

A quick post about our recent collaboration with Hammond Academy for the Arts. Our rolling painted double sided book which articulates in the middle, painted by myself and Jessie Howe, our very talented and organized paint charge. This was surrounded by a soft proscenium painted by Melissa Geel, our shop Foreman and Brittney O’Keefe, our props master.  The book was put together by our ATD Dennis Galbreath with the carpenters (Bottger brothers, Aaron Wigsmoen, David Van Weiren, Angelo Nicastro, and David Broughton who also helped with paint) as we teched TATC’s run of 39 Steps. It was built out of very basic materials left over in our shop and clad in 3/8″ bendy ply, filled and primed. The unit was then castered with a simple pivot at top and bottom formed of flat plate steel  secured by a rated bolt at top and bottom. The backdrop upstage was rented from Grosh.

*It also also important to note that our painters also act as carpenters and are expected to know the basics of each. All of them have exceeded these expectations on almost every show we do.

One of the best things we do is make community connections and are grateful for the chance to work with other groups whenever we can.
Currently one of our stage crew and painters came from Morton’s program-Ashley Howard!  Happy Thursday!






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