Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

verge floorWomen on the Verge was a difficult and vibrant show. Spanish and vibrant- it required many different settings. On this show, we lost Bernie Yvon, and pulled together in ways no one expected. We have built far bigger shows, but none that challenged us so much as community.  I consider the people that I work with daily family.  At this point, our staff has grown and we also have a better understanding of our limitations. Melissa Geel and Brittney did a beautiful job on one of my 2 favorite elements — the floor. Angeo Nicastro converted a gas Honda motorcycle to a battery operated bike . Dennis Galbreath managed the shop during this time where there was little time to even breathe and did a beautiful job. Adella Page somehow managed to fit everything in backstage and was very strong during one of the most trying shows we have ever had.

Melwomen on verge floor NePaint el womenwomen in process2 womenonverge tech womenonvergetech2 WOV lights in WOV mess WOV Val WOVfinished

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