The 39 Steps


Taking a minute here to post photos of The 39 Steps. Everyone that was involved in the show made it one I wish could have run longer. The show was directed by David Perkovich at Theatre at the Center, which is now headed by our Artistic Director Linda Fortunato. The show requires only 4 actors: Kevin McKillip, Norm Boucher, Linda Gillum and Matt Mueller as the lead Richard Hannay. Matt McMullen as our Equity SM, Lighting design by Michael McNamara, projections designer Paul Deziel, sound design by Barry Funderburg (which essentially was another character it plays such a predominant role) costumes by Brenda Winstead and the costume shop managed by Alice Broughton and props by Brittney O’Keefe. Our Assistant Technical Director is Dennis Galbreath: Melissa Geel Shop Foreman, Jessie Howe Charge Painter, Matt and Mark Bottger, David Lowell Broughton, Aaron Wigsmoen, Angelo Nicastro, and David Van Wieren.
Luis Ramon Garcia is our Sound and Lighting Supervisor, and Adella Page, our Floor Manager.

I design one show a year, and this was it for 2016 as the responsibilities of Production Manager and Tech Director are important to me to maintain.

The actors rehearsed on set the entire time instead of in an alternate space and we were able to troubleshoot what didn’t work, which is rare on our timeline.
All pieces used by actors available for rent and in storage!
All photos below taken by Guy Rhodes and property of Theatre at the Center.image









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