Tinker Toys and ramblings on messy situations…

Giant Tinker ToysThis photo represents a show I would up finishing. The design wound up being terrible, although the concept was a good one. To this day, I still think the giant tinker toys turned out pretty neat-o, but the backdrop of universal fluff with “stars” was ridiculous.The idea was that people are assemblages of a whole bunch of parts, and circumstances.Kind of like DNA, every bit from history contributes to a new person.


As for the Tinker toys?

Dow Board laminated to 6″ and a diameter of around 1′-0″   was sent on a pivot through the bandsaw. A hole saw was used to excise the little holes that make Tinker Toys what they are, and long 1x was the center of these units. We used insulation foam for pipe for the sticks. The exterior of the entire unit was coated with roof coating and some thickener, and then painted the various colors of tinker toys. There were maybe 25 sticks like those in the picture , arranged in a vertical semi-circle, like a barrier to the scrim upstage.



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