Fundraising Backdrop

Friends of the Theatre is a marvelous group of people that help our theatre as well as other interests they have in the community. Donations range between  $50.00 and $100,000.00 depending on the level of investment the individual has. Each of these people is vested in our programming and community participation.

The fundraiser benefitted women and children. The work was done as a donation as it was something I was excited about contributing to. Right before Spamalot opened one of the women involved in planning the fundraiser chose an image from a vintage postcard she really liked. It was a project I barely remember doing as we had so many other things going on that week, including approaching tech and planning outgoing shows. The shop was very supportive as well that morning knowing I hadn’t really had a lot of time to finish it up over the weekend.

The muslin was from Chicago Canvas, and I just used junk paint from the shop after laying in the values. 12′-0″x 22′-0″ with paint time in and out of the shop over 3 days. Tied it up in a bow and sent it out the door as we had tech starting in an hour from pick up time.

Color layout before detail
Value layout
girlsonbeachin shop
Hanging in shop for last touchups

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