Projects for Kids

The first image is an airbrushed mural on what used to be the Emerald City Birthday Party room on the first floor of the Atheneum in Chicago. It was a large plaster wall with a false door that had to be dry- vit repaired (which we did– Thanks Dad for being such a great plasterer and teaching me how to do this stuff…)  before we could continue with the paint job. David and Collette McHugh helped with this job.


The second image is my friend D’s little girl’s room. I love Inks- and for the most part- the room is all done in ink.


The third is my niece’s room, and my actual Christmas gift to her because we painted together as a way of taking time to enjoy the holiday. Christmas day involved a pile of gifts, after Chistmas was my brother, my mom and my sister at various stage over 2 days painting the sand flecked surface of yet again–  another plaster wall.

Gianna's roomMomandCarolyn

The image with the Suess trees was in a nursery school that my friend Jen worked at. We did every room in the school  in a week and this is probably my favorite image because the kids were just having so much fun. Children’s theatre is probably one of my absolute favorite mediums because of it’s universal quality and the sheer joy the kids experience every time they come into the facility.


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