Chauvet Drop

I have known Jim Hutchison for almost 20 years. I hold him in the highest esteem as an excellent lighting designer, programmer, inventor, and the mastermind behind JimOnLight, one of the most regarded lighting blogs the industry has to offer. During a period where he worked at Chauvet Professional, he called and asked for a backdrop to be painted in black and white to be able to use as a palette for the amazing lighting effects their equipment has to offer. The drop was used at LDI in Las Vegas and has since gone on to USITT and many other places.

The photos posted below are Lighting Design by Jim Hutchison and paint by me. All photos taken that are lit were taken by Jim Hutchison. Again, more paint inbetween the regular tasks on my list. This is nearly always at the end of a day, weekends, nights.And I’ll never say no to paint.Many thanks to him for this fun project and  for his lasting friendship.bluechauvet

rachel box
At LDI and lit by Jim Hutchison


2014-10-24 15.21.43
In process on the paint frame.
2014-11-20 04.24.56
Loading in
2014-10-25 12.34.13-3
Before I switched to diluted Breathrough because this was stupid, though endearing.
2014-10-26 18.09.52-1
Stretched on ply floor in the shop as we were in tech and rentals and I had to finish my 4 days of work at the shop
Her happy face, because painting is pure joy, never doubt it.

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