Little Shop of Horrors Plant

Little Shop of Horrors Plant

The people who worked on this plant were: Valerian Bajak, Alice Broughton, Brenda Winstead, Julia Zayas- Melendez,Stanlee Hodsden, Melissa Geel,Lauren Earnshaw, Elizabeth Fandrei, Skye Geertz, Dennis Galbreath and David Van Wieren. I worked on each different stage of the plant in some capacity as well as came up with concept color sketches. The designer on the production was Bill Bartelt, who designed a beautiful steel greenhouse that brought the plant to focal attention.
For our production, we stripped our original Henson Creation down to its fiberglass shell, applied 2 part foam and carved organic shapes into the “skin”. We made teeth out of extruded upholstery foam, coated these in silicone and white elastomeric roof coating…upholstered the inside of Audrey’s mouth with a quilted interior, ribbed a very large flower like Elizabethan collar and riveted this to the back of Audrey. Everything above was then airbrushed and hand painted. The roots were dyed various colors of green, siliconed with tinted clear silicone while stretched to give these roots a reptilian appearance. They were then stuffed after being sewn into tubes. Over 40 leaves were sewn and airbrushed to help dress the roots. Under the roots and the head is a pot we constructed and a large tent like structure covered in more leaves and a camouflaging material. When Audrey ate her victims, this provided them an escape out the back-end of the puppet.

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