The Edsel, the Rolling Stonebaker, and Grandma Starr..


This shot is of an old Edsel farmtruck, but when I took it, it reminded me of my grandmother. Edsel’s represent a few things to me. They were luxury vehicles at the time, and the farm trucks were built to work hard. This particular truck has been made into “The Rolling Stonebaker”…a man and his wife have built a wood fired oven into the back of it and sell handmade  woodfired pizza out of the back of it (food license and all!) at the Dunes. The couple is busy until they close for the season. They have two trucks and into the back of each of them is built a woodfired oven. Everything they put into their pizzas is natural and they grow a lot of it. the axes you see sitting there in the photo are from splitting wood and taking the bark off before feeding the fire.

It usually takes about ten to 15 minutes to get an 8” pizza. There are picnic tables set up, and music playing, often you find people who don’t know one another sitting at the same table. I do not enjoy being forced into situations like this– but I have found that feeling is usually isolated to forced social obligation. What I have discovered is that when not obligated, I like people quite a bit. These two have definantly created a community setting by putting food people all enjoy out into a community setting, and removing the boundaries between them by having limited parking, and just a few tables.

As for my grandmother the nature of creativity cannot be without lots of hard work. It took some work to get the rusty old Edsel turned into this beautiful restoration. She had a job for a very long time, years, before my grandfather knew she worked. He would eave for work, and she would leave a while after and get back before he would return home. She maintained this bit for a very long time. When it came time to buy a car, he did not have enough set aside. She said something akin to “No problem” and then knocked his socks off by paying for the Edsel with some of her savings from the work she had done secretly. My grandmother was very small, and pretty funny. More on her later, but they bought an Edsel, one of the cars that at the time was the thing to have. She was one of my very favorite people, and she taught me a lot about independence, trust, and what a good relationship can mean. And well: she bought an Edsel.

The rolling stonebaker



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