Several years.

Several years.

Going through hundreds of photos and there is so much work here I will really have to thin it out. On shows I have built, annotating designers and all personal credit. We have an excellent ATD: Dennis Galbreath, Technical Assistant Melissa Geel and our Rigger and Lead Crew/Lighting Programmer: D Barry. When I look at this two more things stand out: Val Bajak- our Lead Fabricator who can make anything look real. David Baggett is my significant other and we have worked on many things together late into the night. For an AV guy he pretty much rocks creatively.Lauren Earnshaw, Emily Altman, and Jen Lundin are some of my favorite creative paint and craftspeople. Rob Martin helped me learn so much and is a dear friend. Overall these peopleand I have done a lot of goofty projects together and we have had some fun, and some terrible awful. Office days the things I miss the most are the laughter and simply enjoying the people in the shop. They are remarkable, and each one has brought something very special to the Center and definantly thousands of people who have seen the shows.

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